Pond Water Cleaner 3 pack

30 day treatment in a Biodegradable Sphere. 

Just throw it in and forget about it!

Cleans thousands of litres for 30 days. 3 spheres per box

Keep Your Pond Conditioned 

with our Easy to Apply, Safe & Non Toxic Products 

Nature’s Pond Conditioner is an all­ natural blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, plant extracts and a food grade dye, which works to break down and consume excess nutrient load in your pond, or lake. 

FEATURES (BENEFITS) ●Cleans and clears water ●Reduces pond sludge by up to 12 inches/year ●Reduces foul odours ●Enhances natural colour of water ●Improves water quality for healthier fish and livestock ●Enhances the colour of your water ●Seasonal applications keep water healthy year round ●Prevents off­gassing and fish kill ●Lessens potential of insect breeding ●Easy to Apply – just pour it in according to directions ● All­ in ­one treatment

Lake & Pond Muck Pellets

This is a new, highly concentrated product designed to clean up areas of much around a pond, swimming area, or dock. 

Contains sludge-eating bacteria, which allows you to focus on problem areas with a self-sinking, highly concentrated bacteria blend, designed to break down the muck and sludge in a specific area.

Turtle Traps 

A high quality sunbathing turtle trap with an aluminium frame that ensnares turtles as they try to sun themselves. 

This sturdy trap stays afloat by using watertight floats mounted on both sides of the trap. 

Once deployed, turtles will walk onto the ramp and then fall into the escape proof cage. 

Easy to use and set up and works year after year. No bait required.