Night Time Dock Lighting!

This is the Ultimate Underwater Light with a Patent Pending Waterproof Design

·  Uses an Energy Efficient 175 Watt Mercury Vapor Bulb

·  Comes Complete with a GFCI Plug and a Photocell Timer

·  Single Light Kit comes with 50’, 75’ and 100’ Power Cords

·  Double Light Kits come with 50’/50’, 50’/75’, 75’/75’ and 100’/100’ Power Cords


  ·  2 Year Warranty

The Lake & Beach Rake is a great tool for removing algae, muck, leaves, sticks and other items from your pond or lake. This 36” wide aluminium rake comes with a 11’ two piece rust proof, powder coated handle, detachable float and a 50’ length of polypropylene rope. Great for skimming floating aquatic vegetation and algae from the water. You can also shorten the handle and remove the float, giving you a high quality landscaping rake, excellent for dressing beach sand and shore edges. Optional 66” extension kit available.

Green Galaxy™ Dock Lights

This Heavy Duty Weed Cutter is great for mechanical removal of weeds both in and around your pond. This 28” double-sided serrated weed cutter comes with a 2 piece rust proof, powder coated 11’ long aluminum handle and has an aluminum frame. Use it to cut floating aquatic weeds and vegetation along the edges of your pond. Also works great on cattails and phragmites. This is the best weed cutter on the market! Optional 66” extension kit available