Our Rake & Cutter systems are awesome tools for keeping your shoreline 

and dock areas clean and free of weeds. 

Healthy Ponds dispensers deliver metered doses of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria to the entire water column 24/7 for a full 30 days.

Just throw it in the pond and Healthy Ponds goes to work breaking down organic material, clarifying water, reducing bottom sludge and out-competing algae for food.


Nature’s Pond Conditioner is an all ­natural blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, plant extracts and a food grade dye, which works to break down and consume excess nutrient load in your pond, or lake. 

BENEFITS ●Cleans and clears water 

●Reduces pond sludge by up to 12 inches/year 

●Reduces foul odors ●Enhances natural color of water 

●Improves water quality for healthier fish and livestock ●Enhances the color of your water ●Seasonal applications keep water healthy year round 

●Prevents off­gassing and fish kill ●Lessens potential of insect breeding 

●Easy to Apply – just pour it in according to directions 

● All­ in ­one treatment eliminates the need for multiple pond treatment products 

●All natural and safe for people, pets, birds, fish, livestock and wildlife 

●Can be used after herbicide, or algaecide treatment to consume decaying organic matter and prevent pond sludge buildup  

Ponds, Lakes, Lagoons all require maintenance.

Using our conditioners and other maintenance tools on a regular basis will improve your water quality.