Canada Geese settle on golf courses, private ponds, and commercial retention ponds and remain only to 

create a nuisance. Each  goose drops two to four pounds of excrement daily and creates tremendous noise.

AwayWithGeese will have an immediate impact on non-nesting geese. Unfortunately, there will be 

a delayed impact on nesting adults with goslings. AwayWithGeese is warranted against defects 

in material and workmanship for 2 years from date of purchase.                   

Features include:

Disrupts geese sleep patterns causing them to move to another pond.

The product works at night, 7 days a week.

Solar power recharges batteries - no changing batteries or running electricity to the site.

Maintenance free

Environmentally safe and effective

Amber light barely noticeable to humans and pets

Solves Geese Problems quickly

Works on line of sight for effective coverage up to 75 yds from placement. (over 3 1/2 acres).


Turtle Traps

A high quality sunbathing turtle trap with an aluminum frame that ensnares turtles as they try to 

sun themselves. This sturdy trap stays afloat by using watertight floats mounted on both sides of the trap. 

Once deployed, turtles will walk onto the ramp and then fall into the escape proof cage. Easy to use and set 

up and works year after year. 

No bait required.



Pond Water Cleaner 3 pack

30 day treatment in a Biodegradable Sphere. 

Just throw it in and forget about it!

Cleans thousands of litres for 30 days. 3 spheres per box