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CNRC - Canadian National Research Council paper on  

Wastewater Treatment with Windmill Aeration.

Aeration facilitates wastewater treatment in a facultative lagoon by changing the bacterial popula­tion, which in turn, should speed up the process of reduction of BOD and suspended solids.


The aeration is provided by the installation of windmill-powered aeration systems into a primary lagoon cell. This added aeration increases the dissolved oxygen, enhancing microbial activity and improving the efficiency of the wastewater and sludge treatment. Increased aeration causes the bac­terial community structure to shift from anaerobic and facultative to aerobic groups. 

These aerobic micro-organisms speed up the treatment process, reducing the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and nutrient levels, and reducing the loading  of potential contaminants to the environment. 

Wastewater Treatment With Windmill Aeration

Wastewater Treatment With Windmill Aeration