Do you have a wastewater or stormwater pond or lagoon? 

Contact us to receive a copy of the CNRC - Canadian National Research Council paper on  

Wastewater Treatment with Windmill Aeration.

Aeration facilitates treatment in a wastewater lagoon by changing the bacterial population

which in turn, increases the reduction process of BOD and suspended solids.


This added aeration increases the dissolved oxygen, enhancing microbial activity and improving 

the efficiency of the wastewater and sludge treatment. 

Increased aeration causes the bacterial community structure to shift from anaerobic 

and facultative to aerobic groups. 

These aerobic micro-organisms speed up the treatment process, reducing the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and nutrient levels, and reducing the 

loading of potential contaminants to the environment. 

Wastewater Treatment With Aeration


Nature's Pond '4-in-One Plumbing, Septic & Sewage' is a highly 

concentrated mix of beneficial bacteria and enzymes suspended in purified water - a simple, 

'Ready-To-Use', safe and effective approach to Septic and Sewage control. Its liquid form 

protects the bacteria from heat, cold and humidity, extending the shelf life to 24-36 months.

This naturally formulated blend is specifically designed for the bio-degradation 

of organic solids and composting. Its unique biological composition is used to 

degrade organic matter in composting wastewater lagoons, sewage storage, septic 

tanks, and other polluted bodies of water of all sizes that need remediation.

This blend has unique capabilities which enhance the natural metabolism of Fats, 

Oils and Greases (FOG) of human, animal and plant origin. Over 50% of a waste water 

treatment facilities issues are derived from excess FOG - which require extra capacity and 

energy to treat. These FOG's also deplete oxygen levels in receiving waters, clog sewage 

systems by restricting capacity and can block pipes and damage equipment resulting in 

treatment facility down time.

Nature's Pond '4-in-One' blend includes a special bacterial culture that also consumes harmful 

phosphates that are a major source of pollution into our underground and surface fresh water, 

and are causing unprecedented algae blooms.

This naturally occurring probiotic formula of bacteria also helps to dramatically reduce odors 

that are derived from the gas build up caused by the bio-degradation process within waste treatment and collection systems. A built-in fresh pine scent is added to the blend to quickly 

dissipate those unpleasant odours.