Even in shallow water conditions, this horizontal pump has the ability to send water from your pond to where it is needed. 

It requires that it be submerged in at least 24" of water and weighted down with at least 80 pounds of weight for effective operation. 

Be sure to ask about adding a pump to your windmill system.


This vertically submersible model is suitable for hand dug wells or cased wells no smaller than 6 inches in diameter. 

This pump needs to be submerged in at least 6 feet of water and secured or weighted down with at least 80 pounds of weight. 

Only 3 moving parts ensure low maintenance. 

A great option to add to your aeration system!

Air Driven Water Pumps are specifically designed to work with

our Windmill, Solar and Electric Aerators.

You can transfer water from a well or pond into a stock tank, 

you can trickle irrigate a garden or keep a pond topped up,

whatever you choose.